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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development in chennai offers a huge opportunity since its growing like crazy and is still in its nascent stage.

We're here to assess your mobile development needs, whether that be a responsive website, a stand-alone mobile website, or develop an app for either iPhone/iPad/Android devices.
We have the in-house capabilities to plan, design and develop for mobile devices.
Our experience goes beyond mobile and into all aspects of website design, development and online marketing. We will not only build you a mobile marketing tool, we will make it succeed.
For each app or mobile-friendly website, we go through an intensive planning process, which focuses on the needs of the user and ensures that their mobile experience will be conducive to achieving your business objectives.

The decision to go with a native app, responsive design or a mobile web app really depends on several factors including business objectives, technical requirements, budgets and who you're trying to reach.

Creating a website that works well both on mobile devices (of varying screen resolutions) and desktop computers does incur additional costs, but the cost of lost opportunity far outweighs that of the cost of accommodating mobile devices - especially considering the rapid growth of mobile adoption in the coming years.

Mobile visitors are task-focused

That means that when a potential customer visits your website on a mobile device, they are doing so for a specific purpose, such as call you, look for a piece of information, or need to get something from your website that very moment. Making their experience as enjoyable as possible will benefit you greatly.

Mobile Apps are used for business

Nearly three-fourths (72%) indicated they use mobile apps in their business, with roughly four in ten (38%) reporting they could not survive - or it would be a major challenge to survive - without mobile apps.

Smart phone users are wealthier

A greater proportion of smartphone visitors are of the wealthy kind. It is likely to be in your best interest to serve these visitors very well.

It's another chance to differentiate yourself


The development of mobile websites has been slow by many companies. Why not be one of the first in your niche to adopt this strategy? It will set you apart, especially when you're competing for eyeballs from search engines. A visitor comparing your website to others' on a mobile device is much more likely to go with yours over a competitor's non-mobile-friendly website.

Do you need a separate website?
Often, the question comes up about whether you should have two or three different websites (one for each type of device: mobile, tablet, and desktop). We recommend that you have only one website that can adapt to all three. You have three primary options when considering how to go about building a mobile website:

Responsive website design

This is where your website adapts to any given screen resolution. The website can adapt to tablet screen resolutions as well as mobile. This option requires more upfront planning than a typical website would since website content elements must be considered and given priority as screen sizes shrink. Responsive design websites are recommended as best for search engine optimization.

Separate style sheets

This is where you have one URL, but where (CSS) style sheets are modified depending on the device type that is accessing your website. This means using the same html code, but switching the style sheet that is used. It requires slightly less planning time than responsive websites.

Separate websites

This is where you have a mobile website that is found at, for example, m.yourwebsite.com, and a desktop website found at www.yourwebsite.com. The website redirects users to the correct URL based on what device they are on.

Do you need a mobile app or will a mobile website be enough?
It may not be clear whether you need a mobile application. Most businesses will do fine with simply a mobile-friendly website, but there are cases where an app can take user engagement to a new level, resulting in a positive return on the investment in app development.

Will users benefit from 24/7 access to your content? If yes, then a mobile app may be the way to go. Examples of such content-delivering apps are Facebook, the NYTimes app, and any RSS reader apps.

Will users benefit greatly from offline access to your content? If yes, then an app is the way to go. Apps can be accessed when users are not connected to a cell network or Wifi.

Is your app idea for a game or utility? If yes, then a mobile app is definitely the way to go. Utilities such as voice recorders, photo editors, and games make perfect apps.

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